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The department is at the forefront of discovering the synaptic and circuit-level mechanisms underlying psychiatric disorders, developing and disseminating innovative treatments, and studying how best to eliminate barriers to services, especially for traditionally underserved populations.”

Linda Teplin, PhD
Vice Chair for Research, Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

Research Areas

Learn about our labs, centers and research programs by research area below.


Elucidating neural mechanisms underlying psychiatric disorders and revealing novel molecular targets for the treatment of mental illness.

More on Neuroscience

Clinical and Interventional Research

Studying risk factors and innovative assessment tools and treatments for a wide range of psychiatric conditions.

More on Clinical and Interventional Research

Health Equity and Community Research

Investigating the health needs of traditionally underserved populations and addressing the causes and consequences of health inequities.

More on Health Equity and Community Research

Mental and Behavioral Health Services and Implementation

Identifying the mental health needs of diverse populations and improving accessibility and affordability of care.

More on Mental and Behavioral Health Services and Implementation

Collaborating & Affiliated Centers

Participate in a Study

Our success depends greatly on the involvement of the individuals who participate in our research as subjects. Learn more about current studies and available opportunities for research participants and find out how you can get involved.

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Resident Research Track

Aerial view of Feinberg research buildings

The Psychiatry Residency Program offers two specialized tracks, one with an emphasis on medical education and another on research. The Research Track is supported by the Thomas Starzl Academy, which provides trainees access to the resources, financial support and critical mentorship they need to succeed as physician-scientists.

About Research Track STARZL Academy Website

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