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General Psychiatry

The Division of General Psychiatry provides services to individuals seeking help with a wide range of mental health concerns, including mood and anxiety disorders, trauma and psychosis. We offer outpatient mental healthcare, which can include both medication and psychotherapy, as well as inpatient care, group treatment and neuromodulation.

The division’s mission is threefold: to deliver high-quality clinical care to people in our community, to train the next generation of clinicians and to generate knowledge about mental health and wellness that will benefit our patients and humanity.

Division Leadership

Will Cronenwett, MD
Chief of General Psychiatry

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About Our Division


The Division of General Psychiatry hosts a robust educational enterprise. Faculty mentors train resident physicians who spend three or four years in postgraduate training, learning the basics of psychiatric healthcare in addition to exploring areas of individual interest. The residents train at diverse sites including Northwestern Memorial Hospital, the hospital’s emergency department and our outpatient clinic. In addition to physicians, the outpatient clinic is also home to trainees in psychology, social work and nursing. The residency program is enriched by training opportunities at affiliated sites in the community as well. The division also trains medical students and is proud of the relatively large number of students who choose to pursue a career in psychiatry after their experiences here.

Learn more about the benefits of training with us at our Psychiatry Residency page. Medical students looking to get involved can visit our page for student opportunities.


Research is inseparable from academic medicine. Our nationally recognized investigators devote their careers to generating knowledge that can benefit not just our patients but all people, everywhere. They work tirelessly to learn more about the brain, illnesses and better ways of healing. Patients who are interested in participating in research and clinical trials can search ongoing projects on our Clinical Trials page or ask members of their treatment team directly.

 Patient Care

The division offers evidence-based care to people seeking treatment with Northwestern Medicine. (“Evidence-based care” means that the type and style of treatment has been proven to be effective.) Some of the services provided include expert medication management, individual and group psychotherapy using multiple modalities, family counseling, occupational therapy, transcranial magnetic stimulation and electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). Sites host hospital-based care and outpatient clinical settings, with secure private telehealth services available when appropriate. The division is constantly updating the clinical offerings as new modalities become available. Our guiding principle is patient-centered care with maximum therapeutic effect and minimal barriers standing between patients and the outcomes they are hoping to achieve.

If you're seeking treatment, visit our Patient Care page.

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