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Research Training

PhD students are accepted into an emphasis or Major Area of Study at the time of admission to the Doctoral Program.  Students spend their first year in the program as a research apprentice in the ongoing investigative work of a faculty member within that emphasis or Major Area of Study. During the second year, the student begins to develop their Research Qualifying Paper (RQP), which is an original empirical study that is modest in scope, often uses existing data within the research lab, and is conducted with substantial support from the student’s research mentor.  A modified version of the RQP can be used to obtain a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology on the way to obtaining the doctorate. The fourth year of training is focused on completion of the final research milestone, the dissertation.  The dissertation is an original empirical study that is more ambitious in scope and requires a greater level of independent functioning than the RQP.

The following faculty members serve as primary research mentors:

Behavioral Medicine Research Emphasis:

Neuropsychology & Behavioral Neuroscience Research Emphasis:

Policy Research Emphasis:

Psychopathology and Treatment Research Emphasis:

Research Labs

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Publications & Dissertations

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