Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Schizophrenia Research Group

The goal of the Schizophrenia Research Group (NU-SRG) is to conduct translational neuroscience research that sheds light on the neurobiological abnormalities that cause schizophrenia or promote its progression. We view schizophrenia as a neurodevelopmental disorder that progresses in distinct phases. During the preclinical phase, cognitive and psychosocial (i.e., negative symptoms) impairment may be the only observable behavioral abnormalities. During the prodromal phase, mild or intermittent positive symptoms may begin to be superimposed on cognitive and psychosocial impairment. Finally, during the clinical phase, intermittent eruptions of positive symptoms (i.e., psychotic episodes) dominate the clinical presentation. With repeated relapses, remissions often offer only partial relief from positive symptoms, while cognitive and psychosocial impairments and deficits in brain structure and function gradually worsen.

Participating Faculty Members

John G. Csernansky, MD, Director, Lizzie Gilman Professor and Chair
Matthew Smith, PhD, Research Assistant Professor
Morris Goldman, MD, Associate Professor
Lei Wang, PhD, Assistant Professor
Hongxin Dong, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor
Will Cronenwett, MD, Assistant Professor