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Center for Prevention Implementation Methodology

We seek to learn what the goal, opportunities, and capacities are of communities, institutions and agencies around prevention programs designed to reduce drug abuse, HIV infection, and sexual risk behavior. This information is critical to our Center’s planning to address the needs in the practice of, as well as research on prevention implementation over the next five years and beyond. To facilitate successful program implementation and evaluation at the federal, state, county, and local levels, the Center is developing new methods for improving implementation in communities as well as new methods for conducting implementation research, quality improvement, and evaluation in practice settings.

Our methodologic tools include many of the new “system science” approaches that address the complex, interacting and multilevel factors that affect program implementation, program quality, and ultimate impact on communities. These system science methods include social network analysis, agent based modeling, and intelligent data analysis.

Our team collaborates and consults on implementation projects that are funded or being planned, as well as providing training to diverse groups engaged in implementation. We also provide opportunities for early career investigators to receive mentoring in this new field of implementation science, and the Center provides funding for pilot projects on a competitive basis. We also provide opportunities for postdoctoral fellowships and collaborations with leading prevention implementation researchers across the country.

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