Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Neuroimaging and Applied Computational Anatomy Laboratory

Our lab’s research is focused on the development of multidimensional and multimodal neuroimaging biomarkers using the tools of computational anatomy. Working with collaborators from engineering, mathematics, psychology and clinical specialties, we focus on the following major areas:

1. Mapping of Brain Structures using MRI: We develop automated pipelines to delineate brain structures based on simultaneous mappings of multiple structures from multiple atlases. This includes deep brain structures (such as the hippocampus, amygdala, thalamus, and basal ganglia) and cortical structures.

2. Complex Neuroimaging Biomarkers: We develop modeling and statistical approaches for the analysis of these maps. We develop frameworks for joint, integrated analyses of multidimensional, multimodal information based on the structural mapping of the brain.

3. Clinical Applications:  We are interested in developing neuroimaging markers to characterize neuropsychiatric disorders, disease progression and prediction, and monitoring of treatment.

4. Big data Neuroscience:  We are part of a network of collaborators that work on neuroscience workflow infrastructure, data sharing, data standards, data compatibility, and data harmonization.

5. Preclinical Applications: Neuroimaging of Animal Models.

Research Description

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Our Success

Awards and Leadership Positions

Lei Wang, PhD, has served in multiple leadership positions, including:

Grants and Funding

Lab Staff

Post Doc

Lisanne Jenkin, PhD

Graduate Students

Alexandra Apple (Clinical Psychology)

Julie Peterson (Clinical Psychology)

C. Paula Lewis-de los Angeles (MSTP/NUIN)

Medical Students

Ivy Huang (NUFSM)

Shun Chin “Jim” Wu (visiting from National Defense Medical Center, School of Medicine, Taiwan)

Medical Students

Samantha Yang (Math and Neuroscience)

Marcin Jaskolski (EECS) (jointly mentored by Aggelos Katsaggelos)

Technical Staff

Kate Alpert (Software Developer)

Alex Kogan (Software Engineer, System Administrator)


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Contact Lei Wang, PhD, Associate Professor in Neuroimaging and Applied Computational Anatomy Lab for more information.

Lei Wang