Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Behavioral Medicine Practicum

The Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation hosts a 1- to 2-year advanced clinical practicum in Behavioral Medicine (Health Psychology) in the Clinical Psychology PhD program.  Students participate in the practicum during year 3 with the option of an additional year in year 4 of their doctoral training. The Northwestern Behavioral Medicine practicum is an advanced practicum that is available only after completing a year-long practicum in a traditional mental health population in the 2nd year of the doctoral program.

The overarching goal of the practicum is to establish basic and advanced skills in health psychology assessment and intervention across a wide range of patient populations and settings.  Cognitive-behavior therapy is the primary mode of intervention across rotations.  NMFF has 26 licensed health psychologists on its premises and therefore a wide acceptance for behavioral medicine in the medical practice as well as several extracurricular training opportunities for interested students in Year Two.

Additional information about Northwestern's Behavioral Medicine Practicum can be found in our brouchure